Monday, July 9, 2012

My One-Liner Thoughts

These are some of my thoughts, some random, some funny and some emotional ones. I would like to call these as "One-Liners" rather than quotes. Some of them you might have come across in my blogs. Hope you enjoy reading it...:)

"You are as Beautiful as your Heart is."

"A Smile can melt a Lonely Heart."

"Someone will love you, Someone will like you, Someone will miss you and Someone will Hate's all part of the fame of Life."

"I never took myself seriously and it was fun; the day I started taking myself seriously, it became Complicated."

"The best way to deal with situations or circumstances which are out of your control is to Smile at it."

"Some things don't change, that's when it is best and that's how it should be."
"There can be no Negative side, when you always look at the Positive side of things."

"Sometimes, Pain in the ______ is more painful than Pain in the Heart."

"A Smile can make even the Heaviest of Hearts to Sing."

"Some things in Life break for a good reason."

"Some lessons in Life are meant to be learnt the Hard way....thats Life, take it or leave it."

"The Whole World is yours for the taking, Screw it however you want it to be."

"Have Patience and the whole World will be at your feet."

"Let go, so that you can live Peacefully."

"Behind every tear drop there is a story (Good, Bad & Ugly)"

"The best gift one can give to oneself is to love unconditionally."

"Shyness is always mistaken for Arrogance and Attitude."

"Trust your Instincts, at the end of the day that is what saves you from everything and everyone."

"We live in an Amazing World where hugging, kissing, loving, poking, meeting......all happens virtually."

"Someone will Love you, Someone will Miss you, Someone will Care for you and Someone will Hate you....its all part of the Game of Life."


PS: This blog came into existence after I read Jasmeet's "My Thoughts Collection" blog (


  1. I loved that virtaul world thought. It really hits you, ins'it! How non real have simple signs of emotions become.

    And about the other one liners, Amazed, wonder list that is! Cool idea for a post this is :-)

    1. Thanks Jenny, it's pity that slowly what we are supposed to do real life are happening vitually. Wanted to write about it, but only after seeing Jasmeet's blog I thought well it's time to write one..:)

  2. Excellent one-liners Prashanth. Even I used to prepare one-liners during my college days. Will have to search for them and once I get it, will share them too :)

    1. Thanks Binu. You have to share it with all Binu, its kind of a good feeling when you for yourself as how you can come up those 'one-liner' thoughts. Hope to see yours...:)

  3. :-) Twitter blog this is. I think it is worth keeping a note...