Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Rat Race

Welcome to “The Rat Race” To all those who have just started their new jobs/career, it’s a bigger rat race with lot many people to race with. We wake up every morning just to ensure that we are also part of that rat race where everyone has some goal, might be an illusion, to achieve. In this race there is no time for people to feel/express their emotions as it’s a race where you are judged by your A4 size certificate and how big your pay check is. You just don’t have time to think about whether the race you are running is worth it or not. Our actual life starts when it’s a Friday evening and stops Sunday night. We only live on weekends and again continue to race from Monday morning. 

Not many are sure what race one is running and why they are running this race. When you join the rat race, the door is wide open but as you race along the door gets too narrow and some drop out in the midway. For us success is defined by people who have gotten through that narrow door. The irony which we miss here is when a person wins this race, he/she might be alone and there is none to share his/her success defined by rat race. From Monday to Friday we are all machines that are destined to do only one thing, run this rat race or made to believe that you are a loser. We have all been there before, aren’t we…??

But somewhere in this rat race some opt to drop out either it’s too difficult or they just realize that this rat race is not what they want to live for. That’s right, dropping out to live life are treated by society as the biggest losers in life, but you know they are the ones who took a stand to just live life and not be defined by people who are just running this rat race. They realize that the road they are traveling is not worth wasting one’s life for.  

We are meant to believe that life is lived only from Friday evening till Sunday night and not beyond. This isn’t your life and you know that. The irony is most people if not all, remember only those time spent between Friday evening till Sunday night than what happens between Monday to Friday.

Before you let know others that this rat race is not your road to live life, you need to let yourself know first. To let yourself know, you need to force your way out of this rat race. The hardest part is not breaking away from this rat race but to convince yourself that another path, another road is there that leads you to live what you dreamt off. If you don’t build your life, your little life the way you want to, then that will be the biggest regret of your life. Success is not only defined by money, qualification, designation but it can also be defined by Satisfaction of running away from the rat race and running into something magical called Living Life.

To conclude,

“Success is not only defined by money, qualification, designation but it can also be defined by Satisfaction of running away from the rat race and running into something magical called Living Life. A little life that awaits your presence from Monday to Friday provided you make a conscious choice to accept it”


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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Love Quotes

Below are some of my quotes about Love which I keep sharing on Twitter. I enjoyed writing about Love, hope you also enjoy reading it...:)

"Love has the power to equalize everything...anger, happiness, sorrow, guilt"

"Sometimes love happens for no reason & that’s when Love is at its best"

"You don't need to understand love to experience it.

"For your love to be successful, you need two things: Patience & Perseverance"

"The only condition in Love is, don’t be possessive"

"You will never realize the value of love unless you get hurt by someone you love dearly"

"There is a thing about love that can never be explained."

"As long as you are in love, enjoy every moment"

"Love unites two lonely hearts that needs company"

"When in love, you live for yourself"

"Just love the life you have & it will love you back"

"When you are in love, every moment feels special"

"Love is temporary but the feeling is Eternal"

"Love is what you seek from another person and not what you want"

"He fell for her silence & she fell for his words but the similarity is both fell for an expression called Love"

"You never know what love holds until you have experienced it"

"Better to be a loser in love than never experiencing it at all"

"Life may be short but there is enough love to give & take"

"Love is not all about compromise it's also about giving respect to each other's privacy"

"His eyes can sense her silence, but too far to see her pain"

"He got lost between her silence & words, yet never gave up on her dreams"

"Better to be hated for the right reason than to be loved for the wrong reason"

"What is love if someone doesn't have the patience to understand you?"

"Love can't be conquered but can only be fulfilled"

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Peaceful Night

Here I stand
Gazing through the window
As the night opens itself
I wonder how life will welcome Me
There are less people on the streets
Yet not a face that I recognize
The darkness is slowly making its way
But the twinkling of stars gives me hope
As the clouds start to thunder
My heart waits to make peace with the Past
The end of this darkness seem endless
Yet I desire to make my life worth living for
In this world of broken Dreams & Promises
I vow to make my dreams come true
As I go to sleep in the midst of darkness
A sense of calm and peace prevails.

After seeing the above pic, thoughts just came to my mind. Thanks to Kirti Singh, a colleague of mine, for giving me the permission to use her pic...:)


Image Source: Kirti Singh

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Detour To Reclaim Your Life

Life seems very busy these days, isn’t it? Someone got married, someone went abroad and someone else got a job. These are some of the reasons that makes your Life narrower and sucks the interesting part of Life. I am not being rude here, but these are the observations, which I could make from speaking with my friends/dear ones who fall under any of the busy categories I have mentioned above.

Some month’s back I got a job and everyone knows how it feels to start earning some money. You feel liberated because you need not ask your friends/family for money for some small expenses like, eating out, going for movies and all other stuff.

When we were in college days, we didn’t have money as we were not earning that time but had enough time to enjoy small things in Life. These days we have money, designation, but don’t have time to enjoy the things, which we so badly wanted to do in life, what an irony isn’t it?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Here I sit
With my new found freedom
Freedom from opinions and judgments
Among the dark colored chairs
I found myself, my happiness
Sitting alone I wonder
Is this the starting of a new phase, a new part of Life 

That I waited for eagerly
I am here to cherish the moment
The moment of happiness of small things
Out in the open
My mind feels liberated
Liberated from the opinionated souls
And to all of them I say
It's My Time, My Moment, My Life.

After seeing the above pic, these thoughts just came and wrote it in less than 5 mins. Thanks to my dear friend Aditi for giving me the permission to use her pic...:)

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Flawless is an Illusion

Love me for a reason
And I hope it's me
Flawless doesn't make sense to me
Because I am human
Let me be the flawed one
For it keeps me grounded
God created me for a reason
And I hope you understand the value of it
Flawed ones are always available
But your flawless thinking keeps me away
Flawless is an illusion
Which makes you crave for the impossible
My beauty is visible
Only to those who are flawed
To be flawed is God's Gift
To be flawless is your Illusion
Do love me for a reason
And I hope flawless is not the reason.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Special Ones

There comes a time, a moment, a phase in life where we all meet that special someone. From that moment onwards a journey starts with that special someone taking care of you, being there for you, supporting you and standing beside you. There will be days to remember, days to forget, moments to remember, moments to forget, yet your love for each other should stand the test of times. Love is not meant to satisfy your desires and wants, it is meant to bring both of you closer to each other against all adversities. It's like a railway track, separated by a small distance, yet staying together for miles together in this wonderful journey of silent love and appreciation and finally reaching the destination irrespective of the minor ups & downs along the way. To be loved is the best gift one can receive from another person.

I would like to sign off by saying that, "A Marriage doesn’t make two people Special, but two hearts make the marriage a Special One" 

This blog is a small dedication to a dear friend of mine who got married and she is the first one in our small group of friends to get married. Wishing them great things in Life and let their love for each other stay like this forever in the midst of all the ups and downs...:)


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Sunday, March 2, 2014

I, the Fortunate One

I, the Fortunate One

I feel life is at its best, when it teaches some very important lessons. We all know everyone’s life has some issues or problems, yet some are well at looking at the bright side of it. I would like to share two recent instances where I realized how lucky I am to be born as a human being first and then with less problems when compared to others.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Heartfelt Connection

As she left many hearts
Silence engulfed her;
She lay her head on his chest
And immediately felt the connection;
His heartbeat was beating for her
Slow enough to make her feel safe and comfortable;
As her tears slowly stopped rolling from her eyes
A sense of satisfaction and happiness comforted her;
It was time to reconnect herself
To the beats of a heart that awaits her feelings;

As Silence made way for Smile
Two hearts made their connection for eternity.


PS: Tried to capture the moments when a new bride leaves her loved ones and goes towards her Life Companion.
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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Interview Journey

Sometimes the journey is pretty tough and the way you look at it makes it totally worth it or a painful one. For anyone, after completing their college or higher studies, they want to get a job in a good company with a good salary. But the problem is, this is not as easy as it seems to be. If it was so easy, then everyone would stick on to their respective jobs and no one would leave their jobs. Remember how our parents used to do their jobs, joining a company and staying their for long, like 20 or 30 years and then retire.

Fortunate or not, I have attended a lot of interviews and if you ask me how do I look at it, well I am happy that I had to attend so many interviews and learnt a lot with so many unique experiences. As Steve Jobs said, "You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect it looking backwards" I would like to share some unique interview experiences of mine, which taught me a lot and made me a better person. I would not like to share the name the company, instead name it as company 1, 2 and 3.