Friday, July 1, 2011

Beauty of Blogging

Hi friends,

I am Prashanth, joined this wonderful world of Blogging. I was wondering as to what shall be my first blog.....thought for a while then decided why not write a Blog about Blogging only. You will find me writing about anything and everything which makes feel like writing it or sharing it.

Well, many people know what is blogging, but below you find what is Blogging according to me....Hope you enjoy it...

It’s amazing, it’s truly amazing..! Might be wondering what is amazing…..It’s Blogging. I don’t know who invented blogging, but it’s truly a wonderful way of expressing yourself to the whole world without knowing how people will react. The best part about blogging is that whatever your thoughts may be, you can express it directly without asking someone or getting their permission. Blogging helps like minded people to come together. Some express their love, some express their not so good childhood days, some express their happiness, some about ongoing issues, some about their difficulties, it just goes on…

Just think of this, we want to share some issue or news or something personal, we take months or years to share it with our friends, including our close friends. But through blogging, you just share your thoughts, without knowing who the other person is and how each one will react to your blogs. It’s just a different world, where like minded people come together to share their thoughts. But there is one question which I need to ask you people...‘What is it that makes people (including me) to share their feelings with the whole world of unknown people or strangers?’ Even if there are no answers for this, I would like to say only one thing, Keep blogging Bloggers, it’s the best thing that has happened in a long time.

If I want to summarize in one line as to what Blogging is, then it will be this….

“Blogging – Straight from the Heart”

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