Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nothing is forever......

When I was happy
I wanted to be like this always
But Nothing is forever

When people praise me
I felt really happy
But Nothing is forever

When I encountered failure
I felt really low
But Nothing is forever

When someone cheated me
I felt the world has come to an end
But Nothing is forever.

When I felt on top of the World
I thought how beautiful the world is
But Nothing is forever.

When I met with an accident
I wondered why this pain for me
But Nothing is forever.

When you feel nobody is there for you
Don’t worry, because
Nothing is forever.

Even though Nothing is forever, Life would be worthless if everything was permanent. So, whatever life offers you, just accept it and move on…….


  1. a feedback,

    avoid repeating the same sentence throughout the poem, kills it harshly...

    ps: i hope i did not piss you off....

  2. Why did u delete that new post?

  3. Hey, I deleted the new post because I had posted it twice. You find the same in the Archives section, its still there.
    With respect to your feedback thing, thank you, I appreciate it. The intention of repeating the sentence, Nothing is forever, is to give effect to each of the paras without which it would have not been so effective. After reading your PS, then only I started to think did she piss me off....?? :) Well, you didn't....especially knowing you to be blunt and honest, I guess I accept your feedback without any issues. Please continue to give your feedbacks....:)