Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meeting a Friend

You know there is nothing like meeting a friend or a dear one in person and sharing whatever you feel like with that other person. It's just wonderful. Nothing in the world can replace a face to face meeting, just nothing. I value reltaionships a lot, I mean a lot. Whenever I get an opportunity, I would prefer meeting my friends. I mean is there anything else that is important, I doubt.

I love meeting my friends and chatting over things. I have read so many articles in newspapers where people say how we are becoming lonely day by day even though we have 1,000 virtual friends or followers. Everyday people are adding friends but don't know why they are adding them. If I cannot meet my friends, I just love to call them and speak. No sms business for me.

There is one friend of mine who is always reserved and doesn't talk much to others. But she was not like that earlier. She just stays at her home and keeps blaming herself for things. There is too much of negative things. People say Twitter is fun. But the irony is that people who say twitter is fun, are the ones who take it seriously. I have seen some people on twitter where some stranger says something and that person deactivates his/her account. I mean how stupid that can be. You are just allowing some unknown person to rule your life, dictate terms as to how you should live your life. I don't know about others but this looks plain stupid for me.

I am also of the opinion that its not good to share your personal things or issues or info on public sites like Twitter or FB. Because it invariably attracts people who will surely hurt your sentiments. I find people sharing it regularly. You are just washing your dirty linen in public. You share some things and people start commenting. If you are girl then there will be some guys who surely be there to advise you. In the process somewhere things go wrong and you will get more hurt and then what you will do, deactivate your account. You regain yourself, say to yourself a million times that this is my life and I will live it as I wish and all those stuff and activate your account. This deactivation and activation thing is like a vicious circle, its never gonna end. This looks so funny to me, I don't know what to say.

FB or Twitter is not a place to share your problems or issues and get answers. Even though you don't need answers or your intention is not to get answeres or advise, there will be some who will surely offer some. You just can't stop it because this is a public site and people are free to say whatever they feel like. So, it's all in our hands as to how we gonna use it because, "Every person has a solution for others problems except his or her's." Do you want someone unknown person to rule your life...??

Food for Thought: Never allow 140 Characters to determine your Character.  

Keep Smiling,

PS: This is blog is based on my observations about using Twitter. I also did a research as to how people use Twitter. No offense meant to anyone.


  1. Hmmmm, "Never allow 140 Characters to determine your Character."
    Can't disagree.

  2. I believe totally in not sharing personal life on twitter. I feel we should keep it as a medium to unwind. Also I feel you someone is troubling you online or offline, end all connections with him/her. I agree with you on this article Prashanth!

    1. Rightly said, Saru. It should be a mode to unwind and should not make one suffer or get hurt more. Agree with what you said.