Tuesday, August 28, 2012

True Love Has No Death

He stood there waiting,
And the wait was endless
There was no sight of her,
Yet he wished to wait for her
A beautiful face appeared at a distance,
And he felt the wait was worth it
As she approached him with a Gorgeous Smile, 
A broken heart was waiting to be connected 
Her closeness made his breath stop for a while,
And he stood there without any expression
Like a lightning striking the earth,
He suddenly realised it was just a dream 
As she was buried under this concrete slab,
He knew she would never come back
He stood up and started walking away,
A walk towards peace and towards his own destiny
True love never dies,
Because there is none to claim victory
Death might have moved him far away,
But memories brought him closer to her
He walked away for a better tomorrow with a thought,
"A Priceless Dream has conquered the separation created by Death" 


PS: Image Source: Google Images


  1. Beautiful Poem! Death can take away the body, but not the soul. True love never dies. Amazingly written. This is surely one of your bestest works!

    1. Thanks a lot Jenny, your nice words made my day....:) Some random thoughts came and just penned it down..:)

  2. Awesome poem Prashanth. True love never dies.. Death can play the game of separation, but it never separates the memory, the moments spent, which in many cases is enough to fulfill our earthly commitments and the 'till we meet again' phase! :)

    1. Thanks Binu...a love can truly succed if there is truth in it...:)

  3. its a lovely poem... great... keep it up...