Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hello guys, apologies for vanishing for 2 months without any information. A lot of things happened in this period. It was an interesting one. Life teaches you some very important lessons in a very strange way. There were some incidents, which I have to tell you:

- I had my exams, so that's the main
reason for me to vanish from blogging.
Now it's over, so glad to be back to
blogging and looking forward to reading
some wonderful blogs...:)

- Death comes knocking when you least
expect it. There were 3 deaths:
- My neighbour's son died of a massive
heart attack. He was just 21 years old.
I was surprised and shocked, just
didn't know how to react.
- I used to go to the library to study.
There one of my friend's mother died
of cancer, just two days before the all
important exam for him.
- A far relative of mine died at the age of

- Attended a NokiaApptasting Indiblogger
event at Bangalore. It was good and a
much needed break for me from so
many things that was going on in and

- Diwali was nothing for me because of
the exams. It's a strange feeling, when
everyone is in festive mood, you need to
sit and study. Hope you all had a safe
and happy Diwali...:)

- Nov 18 was the last day of our all India
exam. On Nov 17, Balasaheb Thackeray
died. As we all know what generally
happens when a leader is dead. A
bandh was called by their supporters. A
thing which every student doesn't want
to happen is the postponement of the
exam & that too the last paper. Well it
was not postponed nationally, but in
some places including Mumbai, the
exam was postponed. I feel sorry for the
students, no offence to his ardent
supporters but after putting a lot of
effort, you just want the exam to get
over as soon as possible. Since that
being the last exam, everyone would
have planned as to what they wanna do
after the exams, some would have
already dreamt but unfortunately, they
all had to wait.

- On Nov 19 went & bought an iPhone 5,
my first iPhone. I am a Apple fanatic, so
it was a just a matter of time before I
bought one. For me buying any gadget
is not just about going there and buying
it. These gadgets hold a piece of me
and my memories. I felt like a kid
who waited for a toy for years to lay his
hands on...:) This is my first post from
this phone, so pardon me for any errors.

I was wondering as to what should be the title, because things happened pretty fast. All the above things happened in a span of 20 days. The first thing that came to my mind was, Spontaneous, so the title.
I have a million thoughts running in my mind, so can't wait to express them and get your honest feedback...:) Keep smiling, do what you love to do and never ever give up on yourself, never...:) God bless.



  1. Congratulations on the phone! Omy, wow! Iphone 5 :-)

    Great the exams are over, and you can now get back to blogging!

    Heard a lot about the meet in banglore! Looks like that one was indeed awesome!

    And really sad about those deaths, 21, me too shocked!

    there now, my spontaneous replies :-)

    1. Thanks Jenny for your comment, feels great to be back to blogging...:) Planning to write a separate post about my phone thing and also about the death of the 21 year old. Yes it was the same meeting, it was good...:)

  2. Lots happened Prashanth! And welcoome back to blogging. Sad to know abt the deaths. 21 year old boy's death was shocking.

    Since your exams are over, it's your time to enjoy (belated) Diwali! Enjoy it with your iPhone buddy :)

    PS: Congrats on the new iPhone 5. It seems we are from warring teams. I bought Galaxy S3 on 21st November (last week).

    1. Belated Diwali to you too, Binu. Thanks and congrats to you also for buying S3...:) I am sure we need not have to fight a patent infringement case like how Apple & Samsung are doing...;)

    2. We are fine with it Prashanth. Let Apple and Samsung fight their legal battle. We will enjoy our gadgets to the core! Customers win :)

    3. Rightly said Binu, as along as they keep coming up with great products we have no issues at all...:)