Saturday, December 21, 2013

Heartfelt Connection

As she left many hearts
Silence engulfed her;
She lay her head on his chest
And immediately felt the connection;
His heartbeat was beating for her
Slow enough to make her feel safe and comfortable;
As her tears slowly stopped rolling from her eyes
A sense of satisfaction and happiness comforted her;
It was time to reconnect herself
To the beats of a heart that awaits her feelings;

As Silence made way for Smile
Two hearts made their connection for eternity.


PS: Tried to capture the moments when a new bride leaves her loved ones and goes towards her Life Companion.
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  1. Hey this one is really lovely! A great comeback! A warm welcome and i hope you'll be regular :) keep writing, Keep smiling!

    1. Thanks Anjali, always good to hear from you...:)

  2. Leaving one family tearfully while moving into a new family who are happily waiting is one of the most mysterious facets of life lived by Indian women. Commendable to say the least. Love the way you brought out the feelings in the post..

    1. Thanks Binu for you comment. Leaving one's family is a painful one, but have to undergo it...:)

  3. :) Captured beautifully. Also, I realised someone was using my photo on twitter...the one you have on your blog. Oh well xD

    1. Hey thanks..:) Which pic you are referring to...?? and why someone is using your pic...??