Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Detour To Reclaim Your Life

Life seems very busy these days, isn’t it? Someone got married, someone went abroad and someone else got a job. These are some of the reasons that makes your Life narrower and sucks the interesting part of Life. I am not being rude here, but these are the observations, which I could make from speaking with my friends/dear ones who fall under any of the busy categories I have mentioned above.

Some month’s back I got a job and everyone knows how it feels to start earning some money. You feel liberated because you need not ask your friends/family for money for some small expenses like, eating out, going for movies and all other stuff.

When we were in college days, we didn’t have money as we were not earning that time but had enough time to enjoy small things in Life. These days we have money, designation, but don’t have time to enjoy the things, which we so badly wanted to do in life, what an irony isn’t it?

As I joined my job, one thing I was very much certain that no matter what happens, my career should and will not become my Life, no never. Home to Office and Office to Home, no this should never be the case of my Life. Job and career is just part of life and not your entire life. What’s the use of earning money when you don’t have time or rather don’t take out time to spend on those little things in Life that matters to you, mark the words, “that matters to YOU”.

Do remember your past not because of all the sufferings that you went through for whatever reasons but because of the lessons it taught you. This is very important. Today you are better off financially, so why not spend on yourself. You know your past and you don’t know how your future will be and where you will be, but you can ensure that you enjoy your present moments.

As Captain Jack Sparrow says in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, “The World is not small, its the same……its just that there is less in it now” So a detour is necessary, not an option but a necessity these days. I would like to sign off by saying that, 

"Only you can make, the Less in this World, More for Yourself"


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  1. Loved the last quote, true very true life changes becomes very hectic with time and age but a short break to spend time with all that matters to as u mentioned will change the way we see the world. Lovely write up

  2. Yeah! Loved it... most of us forget forget what we have in our hand and go before something we don't have!
    Yes! we should realise what matters to us! its not the job or money but the smiles and warmth that we have in life is what matters!! great post!! it do make sense and an eye opener for many!!