Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Love Quotes

Below are some of my quotes about Love which I keep sharing on Twitter. I enjoyed writing about Love, hope you also enjoy reading it...:)

"Love has the power to equalize everything...anger, happiness, sorrow, guilt"

"Sometimes love happens for no reason & that’s when Love is at its best"

"You don't need to understand love to experience it.

"For your love to be successful, you need two things: Patience & Perseverance"

"The only condition in Love is, don’t be possessive"

"You will never realize the value of love unless you get hurt by someone you love dearly"

"There is a thing about love that can never be explained."

"As long as you are in love, enjoy every moment"

"Love unites two lonely hearts that needs company"

"When in love, you live for yourself"

"Just love the life you have & it will love you back"

"When you are in love, every moment feels special"

"Love is temporary but the feeling is Eternal"

"Love is what you seek from another person and not what you want"

"He fell for her silence & she fell for his words but the similarity is both fell for an expression called Love"

"You never know what love holds until you have experienced it"

"Better to be a loser in love than never experiencing it at all"

"Life may be short but there is enough love to give & take"

"Love is not all about compromise it's also about giving respect to each other's privacy"

"His eyes can sense her silence, but too far to see her pain"

"He got lost between her silence & words, yet never gave up on her dreams"

"Better to be hated for the right reason than to be loved for the wrong reason"

"What is love if someone doesn't have the patience to understand you?"

"Love can't be conquered but can only be fulfilled"

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  1. LOVEly post.
    worth reading..
    Happy Reading :)

    1. Thanks Veena for commenting...:)

  2. each and every quote was worth reading and it seems you know love too well :)
    Deep they were like an ocean and too beautiful beyond my words :)
    "His eyes can sense her silence, but too far to see her pain"~ this one was my favourite :)
    keep blogging :)

    1. Thanks Palak for those nice words...:) Always a pleasure reading your comment..:)

  3. The best one for me : "His eyes can sense her silence, but too far to see her pain"

  4. Loved reading each and every one of them. Very practical :-)