Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maintaining Relationships - Tough Job

Some years back, I used to ask this question to myself, “why it is so difficult for people to maintain relationships? Can’t they adjust and just carry on”. It can be with your friends, parents, relatives, colleagues, just about anyone. But I was completely wrong.

Recently, because of some sudden change in events, I wondered, what a stupid question to ask.... Maintaining relationships is really tough. That too, when you are a sensitive, emotional guy like me, its even more tough to maintain it. It really tests your patience, tolerance, how you handle complex situations, how you compromise yourself in order to satisfy others and so on. But good thing is that, I learnt a lot of things.

Sometimes it tests your principles you follow;

Sometimes you
-    need to stand against the whole world; 
-    are forced to accept whatever comes on its way; 

Sometimes you cry and ask, why should I care about others when they don’t care about me;

Sometimes you feel,
-    why I should only compromise, when I have done nothing wrong
-    why should I help them, when they don't help me...??

All I can say is that, “Just be Proud of Yourself, because only you know how you handled difficult situations to maintain Relationships”

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