Tuesday, August 16, 2011

She is Beautiful

She is beautiful, she makes me happy. I feel happy when I am with her and when she is with me. The moments which I spend with her are some of the unforgettable ones. I meet her everyday, morning and evening. Wherever I go, she comes, rather I take her wherever I go. My colleagues and friends also like her. She looks attractive. When I am with her, I just forget everything else around. She stays just outside my house’s entrance. When it rains, we both drench together, when its humid, we both feel it. We both have met with accidents many times, but still our bond is strong and its getting stronger.
She is kind hearted and very helpful. Well wondering who ‘She’ is....She is actually, ‘My Bike’. 


  1. awww :)
    I loved my bike too...I miss her :(

  2. Find me someone who hates his/her bike. We shall kill them together, then. :P

  3. @Arjit: Yep, I am game for it....:)