Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friendship - Purest form of Relationship

To all my friends,

In the wonderful journey of Life, we come across so many people. Some, in this beautiful journey, become our friends. As the time passes by....

some become closer;

some become best ones;

some become just hi & bye friends;

some become your life partners;

some will leave;

some whom you have thought will never meet, one day come and say, “Can you recognize me”;

some who have left, will again come back and ask, ‘Can I be your Friend..?’

some will break your Heart;

some will leave a deep impact in your Heart;

I don’t know who discovered the word friendship, but it takes a lot of time to actually know the true meaning of friendship. It’s almost impossible to define friendship, but as the relationship gets better, you will come to know the true meaning of friendship. As they say, “You have to see it, to Believe it”, similarly in friendship, “You have to feel it, to Enjoy it.” This relationship is one of the purest form of relationship, I believe. Imagine your life without friendship...? It will be like, “A flower, without its bright colour and fragrance.”
Atlast, to all my friends, whom I met, I left, I still have, yet to meet, online, offline, seen, not seen....just enjoy this relationship as long as it exists.


  1. friends! this word has lost a lot of meaning in the due course of time.

  2. Beautiful poem for the purest and self less relationship!!!

  3. @Chintan: I kind of agree with you, as I am currently experiencing it.
    @Saru: Thanks for the comment.

  4. Friends. They can teach us everything we need in life. How to help another person, how to trust, how not to trust, how to deal after a bitter spat, how to suffer after being ignored and finally how to love someone without expecting anything in return.

  5. @Ashwini: Appreciate your feedback.

  6. friends - we need them. nice post

    just one thing: the color scheme of the text & the background made it difficult for me to read the post

  7. pls remove word verification for comments