Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Good reason to Live

I didn’t want to right about this, but felt compelled to do so. First I read about this on Chintan’s blog ( and via web got to know some more details. Then like all other things, this also faded away as one of those cases of suicide. But recently I read an article in newspaper then I started to think, what could have been the actual reason for people to commit suicide…?? There has to be something else, much more severe and depressing thought to commit suicide. A girl who went to IIT and IIM can’t be so stupid or dumb to commit suicide just because her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend posted a message on Facebook. Here I am referring not only to Malini’s case but trying to find the actual reason for all those suicides.
This is not the first time this has happened. You hear and see many people well qualified, well settled, financially happy…….commit suicide. So there has to be a strong compelling reason. In many cases or in almost all cases, something worst is already happening in a person’s life. A trigger is all that is required to take that drastic step. Like in Malini’s case, that facebook message might have been the trigger. But the problem is, now it’s difficult to find out, since she is not alive. (R.I.P)
Recently, a girl was expecting 95% result in her exam, but got 85%. So she committed suicide. Trust me, 85% is not bad. But the point is, Was the result the main reason for her to commit suicide…?? There might be other things like peer pressure, parents & teachers expectations, depression..…god only knows what else. May be it was too much for her to handle and thought it’s best to end her life. Her less than expected result became a triggering point.
It’s difficult for me to understand or accept the fact that people commit suicide for such simple reasons or maybe it was not simple for them….well I don’t know. So instead of just blaming Facebook (in Malini’s case) or something else, I guess we need to understand that there is much deeper reason. I end this blog with the same thoughts with which I started it, more questions and no conclusive answers.
“I hope people find one good reason to live rather than one bad reason to not to live.”


  1. Yea these reasons are not big enough to commit suicide but may be it is not that easy for them as easy it is for us to read all this.
    Nice post by the way. Check my blog if you like :) here is the link:

  2. There is a lot more to suicides than we know. My family has a history of suicides. You should read psychological books to know more. People have suicidal tendencies. I too have. My grand ma committed suicide and some more members. But I have schizophrenia so I know how to accept and No many know about their mental illness......

  3. @Shreya: Appreciate your feedback, will surely check your blog.
    @Chintan: "People have suicidal tendencies...." well I didn't know that. Have never come across something like this.

  4. Yes they have :) I read behavior patters, sometimes psychological books and I have gone through a rough phase myself, so I can tell, there is lot to suicide that what we see :)

  5. Yeah, I agree with you, there is lot to suicide than what we see.

  6. Ahh! You have rightly observed. The pressures and the emotions would have bottled up for a long time, maybe we should have right attitude to deal with them appropriately. Maybe we should tell people around, what they can expect out of us. That will make them come into terms with your definitions. Here I am talking about students who commit suicides.

    Suicides are committed in one weak moment. We should have strength to think objectively in that moment!

    Suicide is not an answer for problems.