Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trust - 100% or 0%

Can you imagine a world without hope/trust/belief....? Impossible. Everyday we have to trust someone somewhere in the world. Right from the moment we get up till we go to bed at night. Trust can only be 100% or 0%, means.. you cannot say that, I trust someone for 10% or 20%... if you trust somebody its 100% or you just don't trust that person. 

If I trust somebody, I trust for 100% and if that person breaks my trust, I will blame myself for that. But sometimes, someone near to you might have broken your trust.. thats the worst feel terrible, irritated, frustrated, and start thinking... " How can that person do like this to me..?" Thats the beauty of life, you never know...what to expect when. 

Sometimes you think, everything is fine and nothing will happen... but life has some other plans and it really hurts. But that doesn't mean you should not trust people..because of some bad instants. It is very difficult to determine...whom to trust and whom not to trust. 
So, trust people and accept what the life has to offer. 

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