Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just say Thank you....

As always, small things make a big impact in one's life. The two words 'Thank You' makes 
a lot of difference. Just do this  and see the difference for yourself. Just say Thank You particularly to these following persons. Like a pav bajji fellow or taxi/auto driver, 
pani puriwala on the roadside corner or watchman or security guard, person selling vegetables, etc . 
They may not reply as expected, but it will make a huge difference for them. At first, you may not feel any change, but keep trying. In US, people call the taxi drivers as "Sir". 
I don't think we do this in India, subject to exceptions. Just imagine how good that driver will feel and this in turn will help you to be a better "human being". Why I am saying this, is because I have tried this and felt really good. I hope that you will also try this.


  1. :) funny but i started saying thank you to almost everyone in india after watching Pooja Bhatt's interview :) and i think they deserve too.....

    cheers for a lovely meaningful post...

  2. @Anupama: Appreciate your feedback, agree with your statement.

  3. This is so true.. My roomie and me kind of over do it.. sabji wali, jadu wali, auto wala, family, friends, colleagues... everybody.. But true, it makes you, really feel good about yourself!!

  4. @Jenny: I feel irrespective of whether the other person replies to it or not, it'a always better to say thank you...:)