Saturday, October 1, 2011

Life - Enjoying Small things

There are some small and unexpected things, which makes you feel proud of yourself. This happened, some time back. It was a bright sunday, a lazy one rather, where the most of day goes in eating, sleeping, watching TV and some other stuff.
Every sunday evening, I go out to meet my friends near place called Sankey tank in Bangalore, one of the best places to hang out with your friends in the heart of Bangalore. On the morning of that Sunday, I had washed my bike (Yep, my beautiful looking bike). I do wash it regularly and that makes me happy.
In the evening on my way to meet my friends, I had to fill petrol, so went to the petrol bunk. There the person filling the petrol came and said namaste to me and I kindly acknowledged it with a smile. While he was filling the petrol, saw my bike and asked me with smile, ‘Sir, Is this your new bike…?’ I replied, no this is not a new one but today morning I washed it. He said, it looks like a brand new bike. I felt so happy, he really made my day that day because I spend a reasonable amount of time to ensure my bike is clean and I take good care of it. I don’t expect any appreciation, but when it comes, I feel happy. The drive from the petrol bunk was one of the best till date, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was feeling proud of myself. 
It may not be a great thing, but sometimes even small praises means a lot, no matter whoever compliments you. So, no matter what, how small a praise, just enjoy it with a big heart and the best part is, it can come from anywhere. This is called the real beauty of life, small things making a big impact. So whenever you are feeling sad or bored or something similar, just cherish those small moments when someone had made you really happy and proud.


  1. :-) not having the best day,but this made Am having a lazy sunday...lying in bed letting sun shine room :-)

  2. you just made me realize - it's time wash mine too ;)

  3. I woke up today morning in a foul mood. I miss school Dasheera holidays anymore :( and I need to go to work. But reading this it makes me wonder how do you do this? You have a note of postivity in every post :D...and yep Sankey is beautiful in the morning right? I remember even watching the full moon reflect of the dark waters one late night long long ago!!!

  4. @Chintan: Great, I am happy I made someone Smile...:)

    @Vijay: Sorry, I am more than happy to stick to my bike only...:P

    @The Dragon: Appreciate your feedback. I always try to see the positive side of things and trust me it helps a lot...:). Being positive is not easy, but that's the best way. With regard to how do I do it, I don't know, I just try be positive. May be you can see my blog, "Life is Beautiful". I am an Optimist.

    I just visited your blog home page. In your About Me section, you have said, "I am excessively passionate about everything in Life and love the small pleasures of Life", I guess that's what is required, isn't it...?? This blog is also about loving small pleasures of Life. About Sankey, I go in the evening and it looks amazing, that too at the time of sunset.

  5. Wow you do dig on the small details don't you. So many have commented on the about me section, nobody commented on this bit, everybody sees different things and things differently right :D..In dedication to you I'm gonna try and put up only postivie posts for the next 2 weeks. it's going to be hard, some poeple are being in my face mean and it's getting to brush them aside, but I'm gonna try. Cross my heart :)

  6. @The Dragon: Thanks for those nice words, I take that as a compliment. Yes I do see things differently and that's what my blog is all about...:). Good that you are trying to be positive, you will see the results for yourself. Hope your two weeks of being positive may extend to many more weeks. By the way, pretty interesting title you have got, "The Dragon in the skin of a goat....":)