Saturday, October 8, 2011

Loneliness Kills

Loneliness kills, yes it does, provided you think there is no purpose for you to live. It’s a part of life to feel lonely sometimes. There are many reasons for this. Every person has his or her own reason to be so. Sometimes, you just can’t help being so. You feel, you have no one to share your sorrows, feelings, etc. Everyone will come across loneliness in some part of their life. Trust me, it’s worse than death.

You don’t feel like going anywhere;
You feel like crying all the time and sometimes you do cry, thanks to all the negative emotions;
Your relationship with others like friends, family members, gets affected;
You try to smile, but in vain;
You don’t know whom to ask for help;
You hate god and ask yourself, “why me...?”;
You start thinking negatively and feel like your world has come to an end;
You feel all your dreams are shattered;
You might think, why should I live…?;
You may attempt to commit suicide and some may succeed also;
But that’s when you are tested to your utmost limits. You might have passed every test, but passing the test of loneliness is one of the most difficult ones in life. People in and around you, your dear ones can only help you by sympathizing with you. That’s the most they can do. If you want to come out of loneliness then it’s only you who can do it and no one else. There is no time and no point in blaming someone, even if that someone might have been responsible for your lonely feelings. It’s your life, you need to take care of it.

But hey, one thing is for sure, after passing through that phase you wonder, “Did I really go through that phase”. But it teaches one hell of a lesson which I bet, you just can’t forget throughout your life. I would like to sign off my blog by saying:
“Be glad that you went through that phase and acknowledge it with pride, because not everyone can handle it”.


  1. It sure does...but you know what we just need to look around to realize that we are never alone...there is always something to do or somebody to help...all we need to do is start looking further. I used to be so very bugged during the weekends, and the weekdays being 21 hour working would be a strict contrast. I'd get so frustrated!!! So now I've started going a government school to teach the kids during the weekends..It's great fun and keeps the empty vessel from going crazy :D....if this post was about you, they you can also try something like this buddy.

  2. rightly said, loneliness can be a killer. It destroys your moments but then as you said to get over it is incredible!

  3. As I always say, pain is more important that happiness. Artists need pain....because that drives them and builds character!

  4. really. i faced it many times. it is hell to be alone.

  5. Agreed. And I liked what Chintan said as well.

  6. @The Dragon: This post is partly about me, but hey I am out of it and presently doing fine...:). You are doing a great job by teaching kids at the government school, keep it up...:).

    @Vijay Menon: Appreciate your feedback, yes getting over is the important part.

    @TheBluntBlogger: Interesting one...

    @kranthi: Yep it is, hope you are out of it...:)

    @Sahana: Appreciate your feedback.

  7. loneliness also helps you come to term with urslf.. at times you need that space to rediscover yourself.. only when you see the lowest of things you start actually appreciating the beauty of every single things :)