Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey God, What’s up…??

Firstly, to all those God loving people, I have nothing against God. In our country, if you don’t go to temple, it means you are doing something wrong. Atleast, that’s what my experience says. If you say you don’t go to temple, people’s expressions will be like…. “What, how can you do that, what’s wrong with you…..” I don’t think God expects you to come to him every now and then. I only believe in one thing, that there exists some super natural thing it may be God or something else, thing which knows everything about me, even more than what I know myself.
We are fond of him. Forget about what he likes, we force him to like our ways of doing things. But God understands and that’s why he is fine with the way we deal with him. Otherwise who else can forgive us for our deeds? I have seen people walking in front of a temple or a small idol, some stop for a second and pray, some just bow their head, and people like me don’t do anything but continue walking. Yes, I don’t think I am doing any disrespect to God by not bowing or stopping for a second. The way people pay respect makes me sad. It looks like as if they met a friend on the way, so they said “Hey dude, what’s up…..?” They just take him for granted, I feel. I mean, they will be going on their vehicles, rushing to office, don’t know what else, but as soon as they see a temple far away, they do all those things which looks like offering prayer but actually not.
Well god would be wondering, what mistake I did to deserve this kind of disrespect. I mean seriously, if you really want to offer prayer, do it correctly otherwise just don’t do it. You know, I feel like laughing when I see the way people pay their respect to god. Atleast have some respect when you do pray to God. What matters is not how many times you go to a temple or on what days, but what matters is, were you true to yourself and to God in your dealings in day to day life. I don’t go to temples because I don’t like to. I am a firm believer in, God exists in each of us and can be found anywhere, thing. My home is my temple and my parents are my God. There are only two people you need to satisfy in this world, one is YOURSELF and the other is GOD. So, don’t worry if you don’t go to temple, it’s perfectly ok.


  1. Going to temple is not a parameter of belief. You said it rightly. I feel be a better human being. God will appreciate that more...


  2. Even I feel the same Prashanth...Going everyday to temple and doing all sorts of evil things is pure stupidity...Good post

    village girl

  3. i do not visit temples, perhaps once in two years? but i am a spiritual person and i believe god lies with-in :)

    The Blunt Blog

  4. I believe the same. I don't think if we believe in God means we are compelled to visit the Temple or Church every day or once a week. God is omnipresent and all one needs to do is have faith in him from all his heart and soul. Even a stranded place can be divine if one prays from all his heart. Good post, I liked the topic.

  5. @Saru: You are right.

    @roopz: Thanks for your feedback.

    @TheBlunt: Mine is also similar case. Once in a while, that too if I feel like.

    @Aakash: Yep agree with you. Appreciate your feedback.

  6. Agreed, if you see god in others(including animals)and respect them, the world becomes a much better place to live.