Monday, October 3, 2011

Old is Really Gold

This happened some time back. I had gone to see the doctor as I was not keeping well. There I saw one old lady, may be around 75 to 80 years old. The Doctor had given her some treatment and she was sitting beside the doctor, may be for further treatment I guess. My check up was done, he was writing the prescription. In the process he said to her, “I will check your BP (Blood Pressure) and Sugar also.”  The old lady replied, “If you want, you can check, but I know I don’t have it.”
It was amazing, yes it was. What was amazing was the way she replied. She replied with a smile. She replied with full of confidence. It was really wonderful to see her reply with such self confidence, because she was sure that she was not having BP or Sugar. Both, me and the doctor smiled at her. I guess the doctor didn’t expect her to reply like that at first instance. He was surprised. I learnt a lesson. Just imagine, if the doctor says the same thing to any of us, the young people, we will be a little apprehensive, because of our lifestyle. Because of the change in our lifestyle compared to the earlier generation, we can see nowadays people getting heart attacks even at the age of 26. That time I thought to myself, if the same question was asked to me, would I reply to the doctor with such confidence...?? The answer is NO. That old lady really made my day, that day. That incident, just stuck into my mind. I only remember her smile and self confidence. That’s why they say Old is Gold, isn't it....?:)


  1. I think old people are very wise. We rush into things and into our lives sometimes. She reflected a positive sense of life. Truly a touching thing!

  2. hihihihiihihi :) I give doctors really hard time. I ask hundred questions, why is it, what is it, what do I eat, why does it happen to me, what did I do wrong :D that's my way of taking revenge with doctors :)

    May be she knew already from a previous test or something :)

    [_]@ Cheers
    Chintu Singh

  3. yes...old is indeed might want to read what happened to me when i was at the hospital for medical checkup