Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Life is Beautiful

Hey people, looks like these days there are so many ways to get upset about something or someone. So many things are happening in each one's life. Cheer up, there is always a silver lining, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. If the light at the end of the tunnel is looks too far, just break open the tunnel. In a day, you have so many ways to get hurt, provided you allow it. Life is Beautiful, its damn right. No second thoughts about it.
Sometimes, the hate towards one person weighs so much in our heart that we fail to recognize the love of so many other people. You decide how the day should start, you decide how the day is gonna be, you decide how the day is gonna end....its all yours people. Things never happen the way we thought it would, nothing does. Be an optimist, there is so much to give for and so much to take for. If you are not proud of yourself, who will.....?? If you don’t love yourself, who will....?? If you cannot be happy, then you cannot make others happy. You are born to be Happy and everything else is what you choose...sadness, lonely, sorrow.

You got to have faith in GOD. He is the only one who knows you, in and out. The difficult part with GOD is that, he sees the truth, but lately. May be he wants us to learn something in the meantime, who knows....?? At the max, your dear one can only console you or encourage you or support you, but its only you who can deal with difficult situations....An optimist always sees Hope, but a pessimist never....Have patience, the whole world will be at your feet....Be weird, say sorry, be naughty, be kind, be the one you like....So cheer up, there is so much love around, I bet you don't wanna miss it....Just change the way you perceive the world, trust me you have a Beautiful, Happy, Wonderful and a Optimistic World to look for....:).

As Steve Jobs (Apple Co-founder) said, "Nobody wants to die, even a person who wants to go to Heaven don't want to die..." Lets make this World a better place to live for....:)....Everyone is looking for that small push, that small motivation, that small encouragement...:). Signing off with optimism....:).

P.S.: This blog took just 5 minutes, just some random thoughts...didn't think much with regard to the matter posted here ....just went with the flow.....:)


  1. A very productive five minutes that was! good post :)

  2. Appreciate your feedback, zephyr. I felt good after posting this blog...:)

  3. :) exactly how one should blog :)

    read this guy, you will like!


  4. Quite inspirational, very true indeed .. Keep it up :-)