Monday, December 12, 2011

Why do they do, what they do…?

As I finish my work for the day and go to the parking lot to take my bike to ride back home, a strange feeling of fun filled with great enthusiasm strikes me. The half an hour ride back to home is just not a ride, but a journey for me which I enjoy it thoroughly. On my way back I see them, the transgender (i.e. men converted themselves into women), standing and waving to people pass who pass by them.

The first half of my bike journey would be fun, but the second half was not so. When I see them (transgender) the fun reduces with no more enthusiasm but with only questions in my mind. Are they not happy being Men?  Does the transformation will give them enough money to live the life they wanted to? Are they happy doing what they are doing? Is the transformation by force or by choice?

I wish I could ask them directly as to why do they become like what they are, but didn’t have the courage to go there and ask them. They need money and I presume the only way for them to earn is to transform themselves and share their body with someone who will pay for them. Their way of makeup, dressing style and their unusual behaviour is sure to attract eye balls for no good reason.

Every night, I see them wandering from here and there seeking men who can hire them. A car, an auto, a truck, a biker all of them stop nearby to strike a deal for the night. Some of them (transgender) hide behind the wall, some behind a tree, some have the courage to come to the road and show or rather flaunt their body intentionally in order to attract people. So many curious eyes (men, women, children, young, old) see them with varied opinions without knowing what to make up of their actions. Among those curious, one is me. As I zoom past them on my bike, I kept wondering:
“Why do they do, what they do…?”

Keep Smiling,


  1. I think they do it for money. And all of them are controlled by mafia. The money they earn goes to one big guy. He redistributes..

  2. @Sahana Rao : yeah mebbe some of them would be doing it for the sake of money, but no one would probably do it out of choice.

    @pkperception : today i read this article, which might not clarify what u seek to find but would definitely give you a new perspective to look from. Its a difficult fact to accept whether you belong to the tech age or from older generation.


  4. I am of the belief that God made them what they are!! But our society has failed to accept them and provide them education and work. They are left with no other option but to beg / share their body and earn their livelihood.

  5. @Sahana: I agree with you, but its kind of sad but can't help it.

    @Aditi: I know, they would not be doing it out of choice, there should be some compelling reason for them to do so. Thanks for sharing the link.

    @Binu: Yep, agree with you.

  6. I once saw a documentary about beggar mafia, back then it was 400crore turn over annually, it would have grown a lot since then! similary, they may have a mafia for this too?

    and in that documentary, some poor people didn't mind letting one leg go for a road side livelihood.

    :( sad truth of life.

  7. It definitely has something to do with the mafia. They even have set targets that they have to meet (cash wise). Sad

  8. well....any thing for money mannnn.....

    yes, in my view situation compel them to do so, perhaps there is no other way out for them.....its very sad...:(

  9. @Chintan: That's really sad..:( I bet the turnover would have increased many fold.

    @Gayatri: I agree. I have seen on TV where they do hidden investigation, the people running the show have no concern for human beings, they just want to make some money by utilising others.

    @Irfanuddin: Yep, anything for money and as long as money is there these things will simply go on and on.