Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Are We So Busy…??

It is so annoying. Why are we so busy…?? Are we seriously so busy or just pretending to be one. One of my friends posted this status message on FB, “Is it the friends that i have who don't respond or is it me whom they avoid responding to…?? Reading this message and my own experiences (even now I am experiencing it and I am very sure in future also I will) got me thinking. I thought, why are we so freaking busy…?? Can’t we just reply to an SMS or a call from a dear one? I have come across people who have, the so called “Smart Phone” but they just don’t reply back. For me it’s terrible. It is sick. I do follow what I mean and make sure that I do reply to every call or an SMS even though I am busy. I guess those people really understood (or rather misunderstood) the meaning of Smart Phones, where you can use it not only to call or message but also to browse the net, update your Facebook status, write something on twitter, check out what’s new (like Google +), poke someone (obviously not literally when you are a Smart phone user). The main objective of Smart Phones and FB is to Stay Connected in addition to being physically connected and not to replace our physical connection.

I am angry. If you can’t even reply to a call or a message, just throw that phone into a dustbin. I just don’t get it. How in the world can people say they are busy, when they have time to update their status messages on FB, tag people in their photos, comment on others status messages and keep poking someone. I am not one of those who blame FB. If something bad happens blame FB. To all those people who love blaming FB, why don’t you just blame yourself for once? If we can’t accept something, blame it on FB. If a couple gets divorced, if someone commits suicide, if someone’s house gets burgled, if a lover breaks up and for so many other things, the best thing to do is blame FB. If we can’t be responsible for our actions then we don’t have the right to blame someone or something. It looks so damn cheap. Some slowly get absorbed by the FB way of dealing with things in real life. Before they realize, they would have got addicted to FB.

If you broke with someone, go deal with it for yourself, why are you spoiling a great site called FB? Well wondering why this guy, who earlier takes a dig at FB, now says it’s a great site. Yes it is a great idea and noble one. I met all my school friends via FB after 10 years and one school friend called me at night 12’o clock….:) Man… was an awesome feeling. But the problem is we don’t know how to use it and will never try to do so, because “We Are Very Busy, You Know”
I removed one of my dear friends from my FB friends’ list. Yes I really did and I am glad about it. I know what people’s reaction would be, “Oh why did you do this…? Did you really do it?” By the way for all the FB addicts, I didn’t remove my friend from my Heart list, just from FB friends list….:P. Our friendship is too valuable to be guided by the FB way of dealing with friendships. If I miss someone, I would be glad to pick up my mobile and give a call and tell that person rather than putting a status message saying, “I miss you sooooo much, feel so lonely without you…..”
Just a thought, what if the person rarely uses FB and you put a status message saying you miss that person like hell? What purpose does that serve, nothing, absolutely nothing? So next time when you miss someone, use your “Smart Phone” to call rather than using it to update your status message on FB.
Some FB Statistics for you,
-      FB is used by 1 in every 13 people on Earth;
-      Over 50% of the users log in everyday;
-      Average user has about 130 friends;
-      On average, more than 250 million photos are uploaded per day;
-      In just 20 minutes on Facebook over 1 million links are shared, 2 million friend
       requests are accepted and almost 3 million messages are sent;
-      About 28% check their FB on their smart phones before getting out of Bed;
-      48% of 18 to 34 year olds check FB when they wake up;
-      Over 200 million people access Facebook via their mobile phone.

Silver Lining

This article came in a newspaper sometime back. A lady who had many friends on FB felt that she didn’t know many of them. So she came up with a noble idea. She promised herself that each week she would meet one FB friend and try to know that friend, face to face. Isn’t it great, it’s fantastic. I know everyone can’t do this, but atleast we can give a call and say Hi to a friend, whether we miss them or not, can’t we…?? Think about it.
Keep Smiling


  1. "Are we seriously so busy or just pretending to be one." - Its obvious, we are pretending!! We will be free for those from whom we expect something in return. Isn't it? That is always the case.. For the rest, well, "I'll get back to you" or "BRB", or we have lotsa work activity that's pending or anything else.. We always have a reason :)

    Reasons change based on the age, priority, importance of the person who wants to interact with us..

    1. If we keep on giving reasons then one day we may not have anyone. Most of the times they are not busy and it's high time that we start dealing with it.

  2. First of all...why you no enable mobile phone version of your blog? second of all why no full feed in Google reader? :-X now...I have read only first para and have to manage the rest struggling.... :-X:-X:-X Not done......hmppphh

  3. Hmm now after having read the post am happy with your research and thought put in to it. The FB friends who are real good friends they don't care about it much. I had blocked a friend because through her I was getting updates of people I don't like. I spoke to her over lunch she understood and now she is back and I blocked un friended so many. peace.

  4. Really liked the idea in the last para. even I tried doing something like that. but as they say "Tali dono haathon se bajti hai" simply me wanting to meet them won't do. They should also be willing to meet me. Unfortunately they don't and i wonder that they still judge me.

  5. Liked this post.. so true, smart phones have lost its meaning... they are never used for what they were actually made for in the first place!! and about the friend list on fb, I guess every one on fb knows, how much of a 'friend list' it actually is!!! but nevertheless, I do want to add that, that I did get in touch with a lot of my school friends through FB.. so not entire negative about it..

    About being busy... I think people just bullshit about that...when they say that, it means-> yes I do have the time, but dont want to spend it on you..!

  6. @Chintan: Good to hear that...:)

    @Jasper: I agree with what you said, but sometimes if no one tries, then nothing can happen. Why not be the first one to do so..?? and not everyone would be like that.....:)

    @Jenny: Rightly said and they keep on doing it. As I had mentioned FB is a great place if only we can understand how to use it..:)