Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Girls Over Heels

Yes women going overboard in wearing heels. I often wondered why women wear heels. I have seen women wearing it and feeling very uncomfortable while walking.  For some it is a necessity, for others it is a fashion statement. But then also why do they wear it. By force, by compulsion, by choice..?? I did try one of those heels as one of my colleague, who was wearing one, asked me to try it. This might sound weird, but I did try them and immediately felt uncomfortable and the lack of balance. Forget about walking, I could barely balance myself.

According to Science, it is always better if the whole base of our foot is perfectly on the ground. This will help us to balance ourselves and to be in control so that we don’t fall. If you have observed women who wear one are most of the time looking down while walking to ensure that they don’t fall because of holes or badly layered footpaths, considering that in India potholes are a regular feature on our roads and footpaths. If by chance one of the heels gets stuck in one of those holes, then it can be very fatal and also by walking this way, they might clash with the person coming on the opposite side or getting hit by vehicles when they are walking on road. If they are going with someone, they hold on to them just to balance themselves to ensure they don’t fall. It doesn’t take much thinking to say that they literally walk on their toes when wearing heels especially the pointed heels which will lead to severe and might cause serious damage to their feet.

I did some research on the web as why women wear heels. I got varied reasons. Some want to attract men, some want to look taller and others just because they want to wear one. For example in the case attracting men, if every women start wearing one, then no one has an advantage of being little more taller than other one…:P.

About being taller, trying to increase one’s height, I feel there are better ways to do that than trying to wear heels in spite of the pain they might have to experience. In the process of trying to be taller, somewhere I feel they are losing their originality of being oneself and trying to satisfy someone; I may be wrong. In this case also there is a case of following the heard like wearing heels just because someone else does. I really appreciate those who stick to what they feel comfortable and not to follow the heard as wearing heels is sure to attract eyeballs. Considering that disadvantages far outweigh the advantages, is it really worth wearing those elegant and beautiful but painful ones..??
I asked about this to 4 of my friends who are girls. This is what they said,

“I hate wearing heels because can’t stand or walk for a long time unless you are comfortable wearing it and also no comfort for feet….u literally walk on your toes when you wear pointed heels”

“Love wearing heels…Feel sexy in them”

“Yes I like to wear them... but only occasionally…like in parties or when out for some formal dinner types...and it does make a difference in your looks...and it also depends on the type of dress you are wearing one but heels are not comfortable enough if u r in a place where u have to walk a lot... and i usually favour flats... but heels always give a classy look...”

If the heel of the shoe is small or it you are wearing a pair of wedges... Wedges are shoes which have a heel but it’s flat at the bottom. And that's what I prefer wearing nowadays”

I would sum it up with what one of my friend said, “Heels are great as a fashion statement, but they are not practical for daily wear for health reasons.” So at the end it’s a trade off, isn’t it…?? :)

PS: Thanks to my dear friend for motivating me to finish this blog…J, this was pending for some time now because of my laziness. Would love to hear your comments especially from females as to what they think of wearing heels...:)

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  1. Aerodynamically, Bumbelbee cannot fly, but the bumble bee doesn't knows this and yet it flies. I think same goes with women and heels.

    Also as they say, you can't live with them, you can't live without them. That's the connection between heels and women, i suppose.

    Great post. Good to see that you dared to bare it on a public portal that being a guy u tried to wear heels once. I doubt any other guy would have ever dared to accept that fact.

    And when it comes to heels, Guys r not behind these days. Only thing is it has not become that popular and common and their's is slightly different and not the LADY GAGA types.

    A real fresh take from the POV of a guy.

    Great Job.

  2. :)

    I bought a pair of heels, because all girls wear and it is still lying in my wardrobe --- dust free!

    I am a shoes girl and envy the women who do wear heels, but it is so uncomfortable. I still fancy wearing heels, may be I might try or chicken out again.

    And I know women, who have twisted their spine so much that if they do not wear heels, it hurts.

    Good Victoria Beckham :D She had some issues because of heels, her ankle or toes...something was broken or so...

  3. :| Google Victoria --- not -- good :(

  4. Prashanth - I always thought girls wore heels only to attract men! I assumed (and I guess I am true after reading your post) that a girl's / woman's posture improves after wearing heels..

    By the way - amazing analysis yaar!! The images are excellent buddy :)

  5. @Jasper: Agree with what you said in the second line. With regard to saying about me wearing heels in public domain, I feel as long as you and the person giving it are both ok, then it's fine. I had no qualms trying them and I exactly felt what you (females) go through when wearing one....:) Thanks for the appreciation...:)

    @TheBlunt: :) Will search about her on Google, thanks for feedback..:) It scares me, especially those pointed heels...don't know how you people manage it...:)

    @Binu: I don't know whether all of them wear just to attract men, but Majority do so. Thanks for those kind the images from Google...:)

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  7. I get a serious Knee pain when I wear one.. But I do like to wear them for parties and special ocassions.. They do somewhat change your body language.. I start feeling beautiful about myself.. But at the same time, I cant wear them regularly to office... because when I do, the only thing I think about is.. when Can I get out of these!!

    Great post!!!!

  8. @Jenny: Hi Jenny, thanks for commenting, appreciate it. I personally feel the pain you people (females) encounter to wear heels is not worth it.