Saturday, February 11, 2012

This is it....

This is it….This is the time…

To stand up for one’s beliefs;

To bring out that kick-ass attitude in you;

To move on with Life;

To listen to your intuition;

To appreciate oneself;

To stop accepting all the crap;

To discover that lost smile;

To be the focused one;

To give a big hug to your loved ones;

To stop blaming oneself;

To connect with unconnected ones;

To be the tough one;

To stare and not to be the Stared one;

To be proud of oneself;

To feel the Happiness;

To be the failed one;

To be the Screwed One;

To be the Crazy one;

To do what is Right for you;

To be a Rebel;

To be the Unique You;

To accept the mistakes and never to commit again;

To relieve oneself of all the negatives;

To be soft outside and be rock solid inside;

The Irony: We are never late to be OTHERS, but always late to be ONESELF.

Keep Smiling,

PS: No philosophy, No gyan, nothing…just some simple random straight forward one-liners to feel better, that’s it.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Archana for the feeback, glad to know you enjoyed reading it...:)

  2. Your latest post are about self enlightenment.. I loved that and have begun to realize, this is what we need in the times now! Totally from the heart!

    1. Actually didn't think specifically that I will write about this, it just came randomly and also what's happening around also contributed to it. Thanks for those kind words, Jenny. I am no good at philosophy, but pretty straight forward with things I wrote about..:)

  3. Its really really nice... its a big list and can get bigger...
    wish someone could just stand in front of me and repeat these lines daily...
    Great work PK... :)

    1. Thanks Jasper, yep its a big list and can get bigger....You can write it down may be and see it first every morning...:)

  4. Pouring wisdom in simple lines...:)

  5. No philosophy, no gyan.. and yet made a lot of sense Prashanth :)

  6. Indeed, it felt better after reading this! :)

    1. Great to hear that metagravity...:)