Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Pic & My Thoughts

As I sit and watch, there are only buildings that are visible. Far off, everything looks colorful. But closer to me I see only black and white. It may be the iPod charger, its beautiful screen which reflects my thoughts by playing my kind of music, the color of the Jar/Mug if I can call it to be, or the wordings "Karma.." written on it.

No matter how colorful everything looks, I feel there is no color that can match the black and white. Its just so raw and when you see it a strange smile appears on your face. There may be people in those buildings far off, they may be happier than me, they may be living a better life than mine. But then I saw KARMA written on that jar in white color against the black background. May be life is all in black and white. Its just that we try so hard to make it look so colorful sometimes, that we fail to realize the beauty of the black and white color.

But I feel calm and composed in my black and white life. Those people who are there in those buildings, its only my perception that they are living a better or colorful life than me. They also might be wondering that I am living a better life in my black & white world. At the end its all the same isn't it....??

As I took my iPod, I saw my reflection on that beautiful screen. Seeing my reflection I just realized that my eyes are black and I have a heart which is as pure as a white color. A strange smile appeared on my face at that moment and the feeling of satisfaction of 'Being Me' scores over every other thing in the world.

Keep Smiling,

PS: These thoughts came to my mind as I saw this pic which Chintan took it from her desk at office. She was kind enough to let me use it for my blog. The colors might not be exactly black and white, but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the pic. I just loved this pic...:)


  1. I liked this post Prashanth. How we do look way too deep in the colors forgetting, at the end of the day, black and white remain!

    1. Thanks for commenting Chintan and rightly said...:)

  2. Nice one Prashanth. I love the colors back and white too. Colors just play the role of extras in life.

    1. I also love black color, its the best...:) Thanks for commenting.