Sunday, July 14, 2013

Unknown Love

In this path of unknown, I tread slowly
Not to be seen, not to be heard;
There comes a life
That hugs me wholeheartedly;
There is a life beyond you
But feels empty without you;
As I remember those smiles & kisses
Your love & care is what I miss the most;
As I pass from one unknown to another
I shall seek the warmth of your hug;
Your shadow give me comfort I was looking for
But your presence is what I seek for;
Your love hugs me tightly
Till God unites us in heaven.


Image Source: Google Images


  1. Hmmm good one, very heart touching words.

  2. I loved this line, 'But your presence is what I seek for...'

    End is little sad. Beautiful poem.

    1. Thanks Saru, yeah, the end was little sad...:)