Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dedicated to a Friend

Dear God,

Give her pain but also give her the courage to face it
Show her darkness but somewhere also show her the light
Forgive her for all the wrongs she might have done, for her soul is pure
Give her the power to wipe someone's tears, for she has the power to make a million hearts smile
Give her difficulties, but always watch over her
Show her the path and someday she will show it to a million people
Along the way show her signs, signs that leads her to the destination
Give her strength to walk that extra mile, for she can be a Beacon of Hope for the needy
Let the angels look over her as she goes to bed with a million dreams
Thank you for the friend, an inspirer to many through her words
Let the ray of light always guide her as she keeps walking over the steps of unknown
As she steps into a new year, let her journey be guided by your blessings.


This poem is dedicated to my friend, Aditi ( who is celebrating her birthday tomorrow (July 7th)...:) 

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  1. beautiful poetry! Many more wishes to Aditi... :) and she is lucky to get a friend like you... stay blessed!

    1. Thanks Anjali, I am also lucky to have friend like her..:)

  2. What a wonderful dedication Prashanth.May your friendship go long way :)