Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Special Ones

There comes a time, a moment, a phase in life where we all meet that special someone. From that moment onwards a journey starts with that special someone taking care of you, being there for you, supporting you and standing beside you. There will be days to remember, days to forget, moments to remember, moments to forget, yet your love for each other should stand the test of times. Love is not meant to satisfy your desires and wants, it is meant to bring both of you closer to each other against all adversities. It's like a railway track, separated by a small distance, yet staying together for miles together in this wonderful journey of silent love and appreciation and finally reaching the destination irrespective of the minor ups & downs along the way. To be loved is the best gift one can receive from another person.

I would like to sign off by saying that, "A Marriage doesn’t make two people Special, but two hearts make the marriage a Special One" 

This blog is a small dedication to a dear friend of mine who got married and she is the first one in our small group of friends to get married. Wishing them great things in Life and let their love for each other stay like this forever in the midst of all the ups and downs...:)


Image Source: Her Own Pics