Friday, March 21, 2014

Flawless is an Illusion

Love me for a reason
And I hope it's me
Flawless doesn't make sense to me
Because I am human
Let me be the flawed one
For it keeps me grounded
God created me for a reason
And I hope you understand the value of it
Flawed ones are always available
But your flawless thinking keeps me away
Flawless is an illusion
Which makes you crave for the impossible
My beauty is visible
Only to those who are flawed
To be flawed is God's Gift
To be flawless is your Illusion
Do love me for a reason
And I hope flawless is not the reason.



  1. Was talking to a friend about same yesterday. Rather than someone telling me "you are the best" i'd be happier if someone tells me "I know you are not the best but I still like you for what you are."

    Brilliantly worded :-)

    1. You said it right and thanks for your comment..:)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the comment..:)

  3. Awesome!!! Being perfect is not so beautiful... Being loved by accepting our flaws is such a beautiful feeling!!
    you wonderfully depicted it here!! :)

    1. Yes and we are all flawed, we just need to understand it and move on..:)

  4. Thats awesome flow of works Prashanth loved it yes its so much of an illussion "Flawless" is !!!!
    Loved every line of your poetry you should try these more :)

    1. Thanks Ramya for those nice words...:) Will try my best to write more like this..:)