Thursday, August 18, 2011

Salute to the Indian Women

This news came in CNN, I felt really proud and thought of sharing with you.
As you people might be knowing or heard of, some of the most worse crimes committed against humanity can be seen Africa. It may be the darfur crisis, rising unemployment, raping of women, killing people, rising inflation to unprecedented levels and so on.

In order to bring peace and harmony in these nations, the UN sends it peace keeping forces.Liberia, one of the country in the African continent has been torn apart by killings, bad law & order situation, raping of women & minor girls, unemployment, small kids holding guns and roaming around the streets. It’s new lady president requested UN to send some of its peace keeping forces to its nation so as to bring peace, harmony and stability to the region. She specifically requested UN to send women peace keeping forces.The UN responded by sending 125 women peace keeping forces and the best part is that all these 125 peace keepers are Indians.

The president is very satisfied with the way they (125 women) have handled the situation and is full of praise for them. Even the Liberian people are very happy about their service. The effect was so great and quick, that some Liberian women and girls started coming out of their houses and many even asked whether they can join the army. The nation is not fully free from violence, but now the situation is lot better.

The credit goes to those 125 strong, resilient, brave, courageous, dedicated Indian women peace keepers who have done a commendable job leaving their family and friends in India. Kudos to the Indian women peace keepers. I would like to sign off my blog saying:  

“I Salute to those women who have made us proud, an achievement which every Indian will be proud off. These peace keepers not only brought peace, but also spread true love among the citizens of Liberia.”


  1. Very well written :)

    Do you have a link to who these women are and what activities they did? would be good to know as well...

  2. Appreciate your reply...:) I don't have a link, need to search on the net for that. I saw this news on TV and wrote about it. As far as I remember, these women are similar to those who join the military, like from rural side from every part of India, not so financialy sound. Some are married and have children also.

  3. wow... kudos...
    my regards too...
    very well execution of words... n thank you so much for sharing as I don know about such news...

  4. @Pooja and Saru: Appreciate your feedback....:)