Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Is it possible in India.....??

This is a true story. A person from India went on a tour to Japan. He enjoyed the tour, seeing all those high rise buildings, fast paced life. At the time of returning, he lost his camera. Somebody stole it, he said. Then a Japanese, after knowing what has happened to the Indian, bought him a new camera with his own money.

The Japanese told the Indian, not to tell anybody back in India, that he had lost his camera in Japan. If he told them, then it would put a black mark on the Japanese people and the country as a whole. The tourists would never visit Japan again. This will create a bad impression about Japan.

The Indian was shocked to see this. He never expected this would happen. This would never happen in India. He was even more shocked, when the Japanese told him that, if he found the lost camera, he would return it to him. Truly Japanese.
What can I say, just make your own conclusions.

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