Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Give Up

I give up, yes I do. You know some relations are difficult to maintain. At least for me it is. I refer to those relations where the other person is more interested in what's happening on the virtual than in real life. They are the busy people who have time to meet their virtual friends than their real ones. The real ones are taken for granted the virtual ones are their life. It's a pity world, where more things are happening for wrong reasons than for right reasons.

Thanks to this I realized that I should mind my own business and do not disturb them because they are busy in their virtual world. I am never gonna fit into this FB or twitter world no matter how hard I try. So the best way is to change myself. No no, I am not gonna keep myself busy with the take-for-granted virtual world, but will stop complaining about those people who are much interested in their virtual world. Why I should get hurt by telling people what to do and what not to do. I am happy with people whom I speak to otherwise than through virtually. No matter how many times I express my displeasure but things won't change because I am from the old school of thought. 

Old school of thought means people like me whose world revolves around meeting people, talking to them, sharing things, making others happy.....all without any mode of communication like FB or Twitter. I enjoy my silence and I will be that way. I like it, because at least I will be happy being that way. When I used to work at my previous for the first 6 months or so, I didn't have a mobile and I was the only one who was not having it. Trust me life was beautiful, it was bliss...:) I really miss those days. I am an optimist and one hell of a positive thinker. I am an introvert and shy person by nature. This is a world where shyness is always mistaken for attitude. Introverts can understand Extroverts but Extroverts will never understand Introverts, yes I am damn sure about it and I am the living example for that. 

I like to inspire people, I love doing it. I always like to speak positive things to people. Some of my friends call me I am a good motivator. When I say something I stand by it. There is a friend of mine who says that she feels inspired, happy and motivated whenever she speaks to me. It makes me happy...:) I am one tough guy where I look for positive things no matter how hopeless the situation is. That is me for you, take it or leave it. To stay positive all the time is not easy and I am good at it. I developed this attitude and no matter what happens I try not lose my positive thinking. That's the only way I know to live. I seriously feel sometimes that I will never ever fit into this world. 

As I finish this random blog, I am slowly getting back to my positive thinking and positive way of looking at things. Yes this blog happened when my mind was in a little negative state. It's better to die as an optimist rather than live as a pessimist. I am deeply hurt by some things and this is the first and may be last blog where I speak something negative about things. Give me pain, I will show you positive things in it, will show you how beautiful life is and how you learnt so many things. That is me for you. As you find happiness in your busy FB or Twitter world, I find happiness in my own little real world. Go celebrate friendship day or what not with your FB or Twitter. As you have generally seen me writing inspiring posts, I ask sorry because you will be disappointed when you read this blog. 

PS: I didn't enjoy writing this, but somewhere felt I had to. As I didn't give much thought into this, there might be mistakes and I ask for forgiveness from you, Blogger friends. 

Keep Smiling,


  1. I know how it feels!
    Came across a similar situation just a week ago!
    Now that we have joined our colleges, nobody has got time to meet up and recall the old times! But everyone is there, busy, updating tweets!
    It happens!
    Hope in the end, it all is matter of how much we love them , irrespective of what they do :)
    Take care.
    (and No, don't give up!)

    1. Thanks Kinara for visiting my blog and commenting on it. Nowadays everyone is busy, but I guess time will tell them as to who is more important and yes I will not give up...:)

  2. 'Introverts can understand Extroverts but Extroverts will never understand Introverts."

    hard time ahead buddy.situation is going to be worst then this.
    so find a way out of it..

    1. I know sumukh and I am well prepared for it. Let the hard time come, I am ready for it...:)

  3. This is your place. period.

    And the best part was, while writing this, in the end, you were positive again! What better then na? Purpose solved :-)

    Ranting is good. Dil halka ho gaya hain :-)

    1. Yes Jenny, I generally don't rant about things as you might have notice in my previous posts. I just felt like writing it. I generally deal with myself rather than ranting it on my blog...:)

      And the best part is as you said, I am back to my positive way of dealing with things..:)