Friday, March 23, 2012

Take a Walk

This is my contribution to the "Time to Change" contest hosted by along with Stayfree (

Take a walk..
A walk to remember those dear ones,
whom I forgot to meet
A walk to remember those small things,
for I never had the time to do so
A walk I so wished for,
when I was so depressed
A walk towards tomorrow,
as today has given me so much to live for
A walk to meet that someone,
for whom I wish to live for

A walk to meet the darkness,
that I always feared for
A walk to thank the journey,
without which I am nothing
A walk to meet the flowers,
whose beauty I always took for granted
A walk to meet the inner soul,
with a hope to end the search
A walk to thank the Nature,
who accepted me the way I am
A walk to trace those footsteps,
which I so enjoyed as a child
A walk towards Love,
in order to forget the hatred
A walk towards Smile,
which I never cared to appreciate
A walk towards Oneself,
whom I always neglected
A walk to get connected,
for I got disconnected with my real self
A walk to thank the loneliness,
from whom I derive enough strength to live for
Take a walk if not for anything,
at least to be at peace with Oneself.

                                           Image has been taken from Google Images
You may be wondering as to how the above lines are related to changing things. Well, everyone wants a change. But if we want to change something, it doesn't happen automatically. Everyone says they want change, but we need to focus on how can we bring change. As an individual if we don't have clarity about our thoughts, about our life, about ourselves, then any change we bring in is bound to be flawed followed with bad consequences. Unless we change ourselves internally no change can brought about. We all live in a society and the society is a reflection of our behaviour,  our thought process, our ways and means of doing things, isn't it...? Just watch Nature and see how it changes itself as time goes by yet keeping it's soul unchanged.

Sometimes to change things what you need is just a walk, a silent walk. A walk with full of thoughts, aspirations, needs and most importantly the desire to change. If you want change then take a walk with your head held high, without turning back and the change will be there for you to see. Our behaviour is a reflection of our thoughts. Unless our thinking process changes and we start doing things which we always wanted to do then things will change automatically for the better. That is the power of a lonely walk. The change what you are looking for is Just a walk take a walk, My Dear...:)

You know, sometimes I feel Change is an illusion because when you want change, things don't change and when you don't want change, everything changes, don't you think so..??

Hope you enjoyed reading this and if we change ourselves internally I am very sure that each one of us can make a difference by making this world a better place to live, for us and also for our future generations to come...:)

Keep Smiling,


  1. Sometimes we need change more because we are too tired to doing something day in and day out! Even if we like it!

    Great post as usual buddy! :) And all the best for the contest..

    1. Thanks for the wishes Binu...:) and you rightly said with right words "....Even if we like it"

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    1. Thanks for visiting Bloggiri, will surely check it out.

  3. Walking alone, and trying to figure oneself out, does give us an insight about so many things :) Beautiful writing..
    At a point, we should all step ahead and take the walk of life :)

    1. Yes, it really does and I love taking lonely walks...:) It just feels good...:)

  4. Very beautiful lines...all the best for the contest.