Monday, March 26, 2012


She is Beautiful
She is Kind hearted
She Cares
She is Crazy
She looks Gorgeous
She use to wish good morning everyday when we were in office
She Silently prays for you
She is Stupid
She is Strong
She has a Sparkle in her eyes
She wishes good things for you
She is Stubborn
She is the Darling of many people
She wants to see you Happy
She loves wearing Heels
She Appreciates
She is Awesome
She has a Big Heart
She is Funny
She loves to Dance
She has a Smile to die for
She is Unique
She was the first girl to Hug me
She was, she is and she will always be
my Dear Friend and Buddy....:)

The girl in the pic is a dear friend of mine. I just wanted this post to be a simple 'One Liner Blog' if I can call it so, without digging deep yet conveying every small thing that is so important in a friendship. Just those simple words that convey things beautifully. 

Let me tell you an instance. One day while she was riding, she saw some school children walking bare foot on the road. She silently followed them and got to know that they belong to one Government school. She felt bad and decided to do something. So she asked her friends, dear ones to contribute some money, how much ever it is so that she can buy enough pairs of school shoes. She bought all sizes of black shoes from Bata and one day  went to that school. She called me also and I went there for a brief period during my office lunch time. It was great see those Government school children fully enthusiastic and happy. That was my first charity event. She was there till all the shoes were given to the children. Today they all can walk to school happily.

Yes, no one is perfect but in a friendship you need two people who truly care for each other, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly and she is one of them...:) This is my 50 th  blog and I am more than happy to reach my half century by writing about my dear friend. Thanks for being there...:) 

Keep Smiling,


  1. Awwwww..... this is so cute... I'm waiting for her reaction.... interacted very briefly with her... but she's a darling.... full of life...
    apt words PK :)

    1. Yes, she is a darling...full of life, rightly said....:)

  2. Thats' sweet! congratulations on your 50th blog post!

  3. Replies
    1. Btw, you have been given a teeny blog award. Check my page:)

  4. And most imporatantly she is so important, bcause you love her...

    1. Thanks for the comment, she is a great friend and a wonderful person at heart...:)

  5. Agreed !!! :)

    She definitely has a smile to die for !!
    she s stupid & confused but spreads joy around her ...

    In addition to ur lines,
    She matches her accessories to her attire evry single day !!
    She gives a name fr evry1 :)
    She s one awesome human being i've met evr in my life :)
    She s cutely plump (as told by her)

    Somehow, i feel she does not understand her worth ..
    She s priceless !!

    Love her d way she is .. full of life..
    Loved d post ... :)

    Neths :)

    P.S : Gal - U R PRICELESS !!! :) :) Love u !!!

    1. Thanks for the comment, I am sure she will be all awwwww....:) Well, I will make her understand her worth for sure....:P

  6. Lovely words!
    May your friendship live long! :)
    It's feels nice when you end a special 50th post by addressing a special friend as this!
    Btw, congo for the 50th post!

    1. Thanks for those wished Kinara, yes it feels great and congrats to you also on completing the 50th post...:)

  7. A very sweet poem and a great gesture on her part. Congratulations on your 50th blog post!

    1. Thanks Saru, yes it was very kind of her to do so....:)

  8. Heartfelt gesture! Am sure those school children will remember it for years to come!!

    PS: Congrats on the half century buddy. Keep going.

    1. Yes, they would surely remember for sure and many others who were part of it...Thanks for the wishes...hope reach a century...:)