Tuesday, April 3, 2012

If Only We Could Talk

If only we could talk to each other, most of the problems in the world would just vanish. Most of the time we just don't make an effort to talk.

Some days back I went to meet a friend at her house. It was a surprise visit as I had not informed her. She stays reserved all the time. I knew she would be happy to meet me. So I met her and she was surprised and happy to see me. Her eyes brightened and her nice smile greeted me. We spoke for about 20 minutes. It was nice. I wanted to make her feel good and see her happy. She was so happy to see me, she couldn’t control her tears. I smiled and I knew it was the tears of happiness and joy...:) I love to make people smile and I am kind of good at it, thanks to god...:)

Why I narrated this incidence is because if only we can make that extra effort, things will always work out. She felt really happy. If I had not met her I would not have lost anything. She gave a nice compliment to me saying, "You are wonderful person kags (Kags is one more nick name other than PK). You really made my day. I am so happy to see you. Please keep dropping by. You are the only who still remembers me, messages me others just forget me and just don't bother" I could really see her just about to breakdown. That happiness on her face was priceless. I just made an effort to talk to her face to face and the moment become a cherished one.

I also felt happy seeing her happy. For me nothing is bigger than making my friends happy. I can go to any extent. I am like this. I just can't see people, especially my friends to feel low or sad all the time. Just talk to any person whoever you are comfortable with and reduce the emptiness in your heart. I want to fill a lonely heart with full of enthusiasm and happiness.

We have everything in our hands except time. Every moment is a special one. Some years back when I was in college I came across an incident narrated in a book, don't remember the name but I remember that small life changing incident. It was a true story. Let me tell you in brief. Two brothers fought for some reason very badly. They fought like enemies. Both stopped talking to each other for some days. Then somewhere the younger one felt he did wrong so decided to ask sorry. The next day when he went to say sorry and ask for forgiveness, his brother had just passed way. I think it was an accident, don't remember correctly. I just imagined what would have gone through his mind. All he wanted was to say sorry and some seconds to do that. You can call it cruelty but that is how life is. It teaches some things in the hardest way one can think of. The younger brother cannot say sorry now no matter what he does and how much ever tries, he just can't. Can you imagine the guilt that he would be carrying throughout his whole life. If only he had decided earlier to ask sorry he would not have burdened himself with that huge guilt of not saying sorry. That hit me hard, really hard.

Till date I keep remembering that incident just to remind myself that I don't take anything for granted, at least not in relationships. It kind of makes me realize that time is so damn precious especially for us. I make sure I talk to my friends whether by calling them or meeting them or through sms or via mail. If you want to speak to someone, just do it. You never know when is someone's last day since it is the only thing we can't predict. Everyone has a limited time, so make the best use of it. Trust me there is nothing like meeting a dear one face to face and chatting for hours. Its bliss. If you don't then be prepared to carry that huge guilt throughout your life. If it is not possible to meet face to face then at least make an effort to call and speak. Sorry to be dramatic, but that is the reality for you. Do you need a reason to speak to your friend...?? I don't think so. I recently called up one of my friend since we had not spoken for a long time now, except via sms. Both stay in Bangalore. There was no topic for us to talk yet we spoke for almost an hour...:)

I am very sure that some of you have some unfulfilled commitments to meet someone or talk to someone, but due to some reason or the other you may not be able to do so. So never postpone, make the best use of the limited time available and the best way to do it is to just talk...:) If only we could talk, we would never be alone.

Keep Smiling,


  1. very true and so apt.. keeping things instead makes matters worse..

    1. Thanks Kajal, by talking we feel light and the burden will surely reduce...

  2. True! If only people can talk and remove / reduce their issues..