Monday, October 17, 2011

Taboo - I don't think so

I wanted to talk about this specific issue, but didn’t know how to go about it. But thanks to Chintan’s blog ( Before reading her blog, I didn’t have the courage to write this blog. I had gone to Rajasthan and there visited one temple, which is known for its wonderful carvings and is a must visit place. At the entrance of the temple, a board was put up on which some conditions were written mainly for people visiting the temple. Among them one of the points caught my attention. I don’t remember the exact wordings but it read something similar to this, “Women during their menstrual periods or mood swings, should not enter the temple.”

Well that made me thinking. My first reaction was, Why…?? God created us, right..?? He created male and female with each having their respective characteristics. He is the one who created female with all those female issues (mood swings, PMS, etc…). So, we are going against something created by nature. We are not ready to accept things the way it is. We made rules for females to not to visit temple during a particular period of time because someone called it "Dirty" or "Taboo". When a person (female) wants to visit a temple and the person on the other side (i.e. God) have no problem, then who are we to make this rule or who are we to stop them from doing so….?? I don’t think women prefer to follow this. I feel they (females) are good enough to decide what is good or bad for them and decide if they want or not want to visit temples at a particular point of time. If given an option, I guess many women would visit temples irrespective of whatever they are going through.

One day, I and my friend had a discussion as to why women cannot become priests in temples or rather why they are not allowed to become one. I was of the opinion that, they should be allowed to become priests. But he disagreed with me. He said, during normal times, it was ok, but during their issues (periods, PMS, etc) the temple would become dirty. People will not allow it because it is called “Dirty” or “Taboo” if women are allowed to do pooja at temples when they are having some issues. Ok, if this is the case then don’t our mothers’ and sisters’ perform pooja at home…?? Then, if we go by that logic we should object when they do pooja at home because it is “Dirty” or “Taboo”. One more thing also is that it would give women an opportunity to earn some money for their living by becoming priests.
I have not done any research on this and have written this purely based on what I feel is the better thing to do. If I have hurt anybody’s feeling, I am sorry, no offence meant to anyone….:)
Keep Smiling.


  1. Nice to see a guy writing on this topic.I'd written this in my blog. Check out

    village girl

  2. Thanks and saw your blog also, it was good to see a girl writing as to what actually happens. It's better we all can share these kind of things so that other people will also come forward to share it...:).

  3. Yeah..Hope the world will realize it soon...Thanks for your support

    village girl

  4. Prashanth,
    Having an open mind and logical thinking is a good thing.
    My grandparents were very orthodox, if any girl/woman went to their home and she got her periods, she had to sit in a corner where people would not see her as they set out for a new task. If they saw, it would be considered inauspicious.
    If they happen to touch her, even by mistake, they should shed their clothes and have bath.
    She would be given food only after every other family member has eaten.

    My mother was the first to oppose all such practices. She said, I am born with it. If I did not have periods will your family have grandchildren?

    Such practices used to have a lot of mental impact on the female children. Builds in a lot of inferiority complex. And maybe that was the reason behind such practices too.

    Nowadays, such practices are not very severe, still going near God is considered a sin.

    Right questions put across. Food for thought!

  5. I do not think you need a disclaimer there. Fighting for a cause or expressing your opinion is your birth right....

    I am glad men are blogging on these topics :) You should read what Rohan blogged too...

  6. And yeah, I do follow it, I have to accept shamelessly. The only reason, because I am not Hindu. I am punjabi and in my family they do not object, I visit Gurudwaras. But, I am married to a Hindu and a friend of mine told me about this when I used to stay in PG. When I was in college, then I had gone to temple without bothering...but now, if I am with my in-laws, I avoid, my husband doesn't believe in this and if we do pooja at home, I attend it. But, because of this reason, I certainly have limited my visits to temple.

  7. @Roopz: You are Welcome.

    @Sahana: Appreciate your feedback and thanks for sharing your perspective and what actually goes through with you people.

    @TheBlunt: The more we discuss, the more we can reduce these kind of followings, if not ban them. I am happy that I wrote this blog. I got to know so much from you people (females). I know it's difficult for you people, but it's ok. We live in a society, so have to accept some things whether we like it or not. But I am an optimist and I am confident that some day these things will change.

  8. PK nice blog,
    FYI, in earlier times (even before the caste system of brahmins, kshatriya, vaishyas and shudras came into existence)women were held back from doing household chores cos people in those times wanted those days to be stress free for them. Over time these things became rules and eventually took form of rituals culminating to taboos.
    Our modern day society is still infected with lots of dogma of the past.
    If researched properly, we will find that before all these rituals and taboos came into existence similar practices were followed but they had completely different motive behind them.
    Ladies were held back from household work in order to prevent them from excess stress instead of out-casting them.

  9. @Aditi: Thanks for your comment. Yeah got to know the actual reason why ladies were held back from household work. I can only hope that these so called taboos' are all removed from the system.

  10. It never occured to me.. that women are never priets!!!

    Strange, the whole periods and the taboo associated with it doesnot make sense.. because, if it wasnt for that, the human race would be extinct long back.. and those temples would be ruins!!

    Nice to see a male point of view here..

  11. @Jenny: About women being priests, it was just about giving equal opportunity to women. The taboo thing is just created by us and we all blindly contributing to it by carrying on further. Hope it changes.